Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Where Education "Reform" goes wrong

This was a great article in The Atlantic, "The Coming Revolution in Public Education"

This article has great documented evidence of many of the issues facing public education coming from the policy side.  Since speaking up, I have often felt like a crack-pot conspiracy theorist.  But there is evidence about what has happened in education and the current trajectory that points to corporate takeover.

However, I do not feel there is a revolution coming.  I feel that what is happening is a small awareness by a few pockets of individuals.  Nothing will change in the current trends of education reform.  Elections will still run the way they have historically run, voters will still be as educated as they have historically been, and education policy makers will maintain their leadership styles of Disruption, Superiority, and Fear.

The trend that must adjust in order for true change to take place is the students.  The students must wake up and understand what role they play in the larger picture.  They must wake up and demand an education that prepares them for a global economy.  They must wake up and realize that they are NOT in school to serve as data for teachers but that the schools are there to give them an education.

Nothing will change until the students find their voice.

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