Thursday, November 6, 2014

The "Moral Panic" of Teachers

Why Do Americans Love to Blame Teachers So Much?

SEP 2 2014, 10:45 AM ET

I have not read this book yet, it is on my list.  But in regards to this author's discussion of the "moral panic" of bad teachers, I can only agree.  I've seen and heard everything to which he refers.

What's worse is that there is nothing happening at the policy level or school level to alleviate the situation.  Teachers will continue to be demonized, the national conversation will continue to be skewed in the direction of teacher-blame, and educational "leaders" will continue to do minimal to nothing about it.

There is no vested interest in changing the conversation from the "leaders" in education.  The venture philanthropists behind numerous "successful" education programs from charter schools to superintendent training academies have too much to gain by perpetuating the moral panic.  The venture philanthropists are the same individuals with potential monetary gains from the corporate aspect of education "reform".  It's no secret.  Simply follow the money.

So, as I see and hear teachers in my own district and school begin to voice their concerns of working conditions, over testing, ridiculous unchallenged mandates, and automated curriculum delivery services instead of authentic education through relationship building, I also see that nothing will be done about it.  Education "leaders" will feign interest in the stories and experiences of teachers, pretend they care, claim they offer their support, and then politely wait for Teach For America to come in, save the dollars, and save the day.

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